Kerry Dingleberry is a normal teenager who lives with her mum. At the beginning of the play Kerry is getting ready for school. But Kerry’s mum, Mrs D, seems to be more interested in her magazine than helping Kerry to get to school on time. But then Mrs D is, well, a little bit crazy. She loves pop music, fashion and singing loudly. She hates doing the housework, cooking and being too serious. Kerry thinks her mum is very embarrassing. She can’t even escape her at school because her mum is also her English teacher.

Kerry hates having to go to English classes, because her mum is so silly as a teacher. In fact, the only thing she likes about school is …Paul, the most popular boy in the class.

Kerry wishes everything was different, she wishes her mum was more serious and that Paul was her boyfriend. Mrs Dingleberry wishes Kerry was more adventurous and exciting and that she would talk to Paul. When Mrs Dingleberry invites Paul to their house for tea, Kerry is terrified her mum will embarrass her in front of Paul. Will their dreams come true, and if they do, is it what they really want?

Aquest és l’argument de l’obra de teatre que vam veure dijous amb els alumnes de 1r d’ESO a 2n de Batxillerat. Vam tenir una hora per sentir parlar íntegrament en anglès i disfrutar d’una bona estona amb aquests actors que saben perfectament com posar-se el públic a la butxaca. El resultat: uns alumnes encantats amb l’experiència i amb ganes de repetir-ho.

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